Solar Panel Cleaning for Southampton, Portsmouth, and Bournemouth

DixeyClean can provide a professional domestic solar panel cleaning service in the Southampton and Portsmouth areas of Hampshire. As well as Nationwide for large Solar farms, We have the health and safety knowledge and training that is required to carry out solar panel cleaning and are fully insured. All manufacturers recommend cleaning your array at least once a year.


Here at DixeyClean we are geared up to effectively clean Solar farms from as few as 200 panels upto as many as 50'000, we have several vans all with large holding tanks and 200 meter hoses to carry HOT PURE water to each solar panel.

Not having solar panels cleaned can quickly lead to inefficient energy generation. Having your solar panels cleaned on a regular basis will keep your solar panels working at optimum levels of efficiency and will help save you money.

Why Clean Solar Panels?

Solar panels work best at a certain angle which enables them to absorb the highest levels of sunlight. However, this angle can also cause problems as the panels become more likely to accumulate bird droppings and a general build-up of dust and dirt that rainfall cannot wash away.  Energy-saving projections claimed by solar panel manufacturers are calculated on the efficient working of clean solar panels. It is, therefore, very important to have any solar panels cleaned on a regular basis to protect your investment. Having your solar panels cleaned will also help you to obtain the best returns from the government feed-in tariff.

At DixeyClean we use the latest in solar panel cleaning technology. By utilising HOT de-ionized Pure Water, and Ionics Reach and Wash system we can clean your solar array, normally from ground level without the need to use any chemicals or abrasives. Prices are subject to confirmation by a site survey.


If you live in Portsmouth, Winchester or Southampton and have invested a significant sum of money into buying solar panels you will want to generate as much clean electricity as possible, and a solar array covered in dirt and grime can reduce the output of your panels by as much as 30% (figures stated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory). This could mean possibly losing as much as £360 a year on an average 15-panel 3.6kw system.

We provide guaranteed, professional Solar Panel Cleaning in Southampton with qualified and accredited staff. If you need a quote just call 0800 772 0872 or complete our enquiry form and we will provide a FREE site survey and no-obligation quote.