Render Cleaning Southampton

DixeyClean provides specialist render cleaning in Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth. Our experts possess the experience, tools and know-how to ensure our customers receive exceptional render cleaning in Portsmouth and the surrounding locations. We work with homes and businesses to ensure they have rendering to be proud of.

Render Cleaning Benefits

Render is a feature that many properties boast. Its increasing popularity could be down to its unique aesthetic appeal. Render is a beautiful addition to a building and render cleaning in Bournemouth and Southampton is essential to its upkeep.

The porous surface of the render requires a soft wash clean to prevent damage. Soft washing is a highly effective method of render cleaning that is kind to the material. DOFF machines can be used to deliver an effective yet gentle wash with the right solutions and products. DOFF cleaning uses minimal energy and water that is heated to 150 degrees.

Walls are not only visually enhanced by rendering, but they are also strengthened. Render protects brickwork from moisture damage and dampness and improves the overall look and feel of a property. Render cleaning in Southampton lets customers get the most from their walls. As with any external surface, rendering accumulates dirt, moss and algae. These things are problematic if left untreated. Therefore, it is vital to schedule regular maintenance to protect the surface and its appeal.

Rendering has several benefits due to its visual and strengthening qualities and is worth looking after. To protect the exterior of your building, render cleaning in Portsmouth, Bournemouth, and Southampton is the answer.


DixeyClean’s Render Cleaning in Southampton

The outside of your property deserves just as much care as the inside. Render cleaning in Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton cleans and protects your external surfaces. DixeyClean offers bespoke render cleaning in Southampton to residential and business customers. We use specialist soft washing and DOFF cleaning techniques to bring your render to a new condition.

We want your rendering to attract suitable attention, and being clean and well-maintained allows it to shine. Dirty walls are off-putting for visitors and potential buyers, often giving the wrong impression. Render cleaning brings the best out of rendering while reducing the risk of damp damage.

As a property owner, you may attempt to clean your walls and render yourself. Without the correct chemicals and tools, you may cause damage to your surfaces. Therefore, it is always best to enlist the help of professionals, such as DixeyClean.

Our professional team has the high-reach equipment and innovative tools to swiftly clean rendering at all heights and areas. We work closely with the customer to ensure we achieve complete customer satisfaction. We remove and dispose of all dirt and infestations, such as moss, algae and lichen, from the rendering.

Our cost-effective render cleaning in Southampton can be arranged as scheduled maintenance or one-off jobs. We work with home and business owners across Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth. Contact our helpful team on the details below to find out more. All you have to do is fill in our online enquiry form or call 0800 772 0872 and we will provide a FREE site survey and no-obligation quote.