Asbestos Roof Cleaning & Coating Southampton

DixeyClean offers professional asbestos roof cleaning & coating in Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth. Specialist asbestos roof cleaning & coating in Portsmouth and local towns is the best way to care for asbestos roofing.

Asbestos roofs require specific cleaning methods. Simply blasting the tiles with a high-pressure washer can be dangerous as asbestos fibres spread. Asbestos roof cleaning & protection in Bournemouth and Southampton is the best choice.

The Importance of Asbestos Roof Cleaning & Coating

Asbestos roof cleaning & coating in Portsmouth is essential to enhance the longevity of an asbestos roof. Asbestos roofs can last up to sixty years when maintained correctly. Like all roof types, they are prone to accumulating dirt, moss, weeds, algae and lichen. All of which must be removed with a specialist clean.

Correct asbestos roof care is paramount to avoid the cost and stress of forking out for a new roof. This is where DixeyClean’s asbestos roof cleaning & coating in Southampton comes in. Investing in professional cleaning and coating will significantly enhance the life of a roof. The value of your property may decline if there are issues with the roof, particularly an asbestos roof. Therefore, scheduling asbestos roof cleaning & coating is a cost-effective way to protect your investment.

Enlisting the help of asbestos roof experts using asbestoseal approved agents is essential. Attempting to clean an asbestos roof without the correct knowledge, equipment, and products is dangerous. For asbestos roof cleaning & coating, you should always contact a specialist, such as DixeyClean.

Asbestos roof coating is a highly reliable and long-lasting way of protecting asbestos roofing. Over-cladding roofs is no longer required as professional asbestos roof cleaning & coating in Bournemouth is the best way to waterproof your property.


Our Asbestos Roof Cleaning & Coating Service

DixeyClean has a dedicated team of experts experienced in asbestos roof maintenance. We provide professional and long-lasting asbestos roof cleaning & coating in Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth.

Our experienced team offer a complete refurb treatment for asbestos roofs. This includes a DOFF clean, minor repairs and application of a BBA approved coating. As Liquasil approved installers, we have the best tools and products for effective asbestos roof coating.

Asbestos roof cleaning & coating in Portsmouth allows residential and business customers to access premium asbestos roof maintenance. Providing the very best care for asbestos roofs is essential, and our trained professionals are highly skilled, working in line with all relevant guidelines.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do at DixeyClean, and that shines through in how we approach each job. Our service is tailored to your needs, and we take pride in delivering a cost-effective, efficient service.

An asbestos roof coating can completely revitalise a roof, giving it a seamless finish. This provides long-term waterproofing, protecting your building in the safest way.

Our Asbestos roof cleaning & coating covers Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth customers. Contact our helpful team on the details below to find out more. All you have to do is fill in our online enquiry form or call 0800 772 0872 and we will provide a FREE site survey and no-obligation quote.